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The lure of the lighthouse...

A Lighthouse house has long been a symbol of safety and strength. I enjoyed lighthouses all my life, but certainly with just a casual fondness. Since moving to Lubec and living within a few miles of the famed West Quoddy Lighthouse, with its classic candy cane stripes, I have had time to contemplate the lighthouse affect in a whole new way. From my home, I can hear the frequent call of the fog horn. When I first heard it, I was unsure of what it was. That low calm steady tone out in the distance. I had to stop and still and listen to its voice. The calming affect it has grown to have on me, surpasses reason. It is out there, calling to me. It says, "When you can't see through the haze, I am here. When obstacles block your way, I am here. When storms rage and you can't find your way; when you need a light in the dark, I am here. No matter where you go, or what you do, I will be right here. Steady, strong, and calling you home. When life seems impossible, look for my light, listen for my voice... I will guide you. You will be safe." This tugs at my heart and touches something deep within, that awakens and taps into my very soul. Are people who live within the sound of a lighthouse more resilient? Do they have a stronger ability to overcome struggles? Do they connect on a different level with mankind? Perhaps there is a strange truth that lies there. For me, I know that now, I must always live near the lighthouse. Its beautiful voice, keeping me focused and reminding me that there is a strength that is larger than my problems and my cares. If I focus on the light and the calm, I can stay the course, and I will be OK.

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