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Today, I finally had a chance to lay in the Lubec sun, really kick back and soak it in. I know, I know.. but after the winter we had, and my need for vitamin D, it just had to be done. As I lay there, grateful not only for the sunny day, but also that my husband took on the task of weeding our large garden, I really started to think about the sun. That giant ball of fire, 93 million miles away. Just about 8 minutes earlier, the light was released from the surface of the sun. 10,000 degrees. Rocketing towards me literally at the speed of light. If it were possible that it had any weight to it, I, and the rest of the planet would have been blown to smithereens. Instead, that beautiful burst of light energy hurtled toward me and blasted across my body leaving nothing but glowing warmth, my welcomed companion in the light breeze. The swaying daisies seemed just as grateful, as I felt. What a blessed day.

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