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The gift of gray...

Gray days are a part of Lubec. That is just the way it is. Fog comes and goes as a regular visitor. Some people don't like it, and feel as though it is a blah day. For me though, I welcome the gray. I watch the fog lay down upon the water like a blanket of warmth. I watch it nestle and wrap its' almost motherly protection around the pines and islands. I watch the fog settle upon the meadows and in a miraculous moment, moisten all that it touches. Giving life to the flora and fauna, and most thankfully to my garden. I watch land masses disappear as if the Great Houdini or the amazing David Copperfield pulled off some massive sleight of hand, to leave us all in wonder- where did it go? I have been known to take a gray day picture and double check my camera setting to ensure I have not left my setting in black and white. When I am in the midst of a truly gray day, and all around me lay shades of black and gray and whatever lies between; I am truly awestruck. Where is that royal blue ocean with layer upon layer of every imaginable blue? Where is that azure sky I saw just yesterday? With the white billowing clouds, which turn to baby soft pink, fuzzy chick yellow and fruit ripe orange with the setting sun? Where, I think, are the many shades of the verdant greens of the trees, the grasses and the meadows? Where are the dazzling colors of royal purple, canary yellow and cotton candy pink, that dot the landscape in the form of breathtaking wildflowers? Where did it all go? What if I never got to see it again? What if all I ever knew was the gray? It is on the gray days, that I marvel at the colors of God's rainbow and the hues of his creations. It is then that I know, I know the gray days, albeit beautiful in their own right, are a reminder for me, to never, not ever, take for granted the colors that flood & fill my soul on so many another day.

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