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Raw & Unadulterated

This week, I had the pleasure of seeing many people come to my small hometown of Lubec, Maine. Happily, it was for the wonderful celebration of the union of my eldest son, and his lovely new wife, in marriage. There were people from small towns, people from abroad, people from big cities. Certainly all walks of life were well represented. I watched some struggle with lack of cell service, I heard some say, where can I get a new belt?( Unless you want to make a two hour round trip.... not here). Some people asked about the winters here? What on earth do you do , they say? How do you keep busy? As I sat back, and watched the hustle and bustle that I have since left behind... I realized how much I truly belong in my hometown of Lubec. I am ok, if I have to wait to make a call. I will be ok, if I have to use my old belt for now, and I am certainly ok, if it's a little cold, a little quiet, and I have to spend a little time with myself or in the arms of my loved one. What I also learned this week, is that there is nary a soul, no matter what their lot in life... who can stand in the raw, unadulterated beauty of my hometown of Lubec, and not have their breath completely taken away.... I am grateful, that this wedding party had a chance to breath our air, and experience our people, and the unique and perfect beauty of Lubec. I only wish that others will find their way here too.

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